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Mattress CleaningElectrodry Mattress Cleaning offers both a Standard Healthy Mattress Service and a Deluxe Healthy Mattress Service. The standard treatment involves a comprehensive 4 stage process to leave your mattress clean and healthy. The Deluxe treatment incorporates the standard treatment and also includes intensive stain removal and decontamination. The Deluxe treatment is recommended if your mattress is stained by human fluids such as urine or blood.

Standard Treatment Steps

  • Skin CellPre-inspection of your mattress to determine the most appropriate treatment
    Vacuuming your mattress using the high powered Kirby vacuum with the HEPA fillter to remove dust mites, dustmite excrement and dead skin cells.

  • The Healthy Mattress Solution is then applied to the mattress killing germs, dust mites and bacteria. The unique Electrodry Healthy Mattress solution is active well after the initial application and is formulated to keep the nasties away for up to 6 months. The Healthy Mattress Solution includes the lavender infused restezyTM.

  • Application of mild stain remover to treat the sweat stains on the mattess and pillows.

Additional Deluxe Treatment Steps

Healthy MattressIf a Deluxe treatment is the appropriate level of care for your mattress then the treatment includes the 4 steps listed above as well as:

  • A hot water extraction clean of the contaminated areas;

  • Application of high grade anti-bacterial product specifically designed to kill the bacteria and pathogens from bodily fluids. This products will be injected into the contaminated areas of the mattress as required to ensure thorough decontamination.

  • The application of a high powered stain removers to remove contaminants such as urine and blood.*

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*The stain removal results will vary depending on the extent of the staining and steps previously taken to treat the stain. Stain removal from cotton mattresses will generally be less effective than from synthetic covered mattresses. Only a standard treatment can be performed on a latex mattress.